Here at Resonate Relationship Clinic we are lucky to have not one but two neurofeedback neurotherapists. Susan Dunaway is one of those neurotherapists (our colleague Lauren King is the other). Susan has a long history of working with kids, teens and adults with a passion and skill set for bringing health and healing. You can find more out about Susan at her website:

Below is a link to a brief introduction to basic brain structure and how neurofeedback can help regulate the brain. Originally Susan created this as a presentation for 6th grade students at a local middle school but it was so good that we thought everyone should have the chance to see it.

Click the link below and then on the top presentation, “Brains!”.

There is a good deal of false information and beliefs about hypnotherapy and hypnosis.

Hypnosis is a shift between left and right brain, a natural process that we all experience every day. Examples of hypnotic states include daydreaming, praying, and sleeping. In hypnotherapy the client is relaxed, fully aware, and able to use his/her whole brain. Why is that important?


Most of us worry from time to time!  That can be a normal part of living.  However, many struggle with chronic or severe worry and anxiety.

Anxiety effects the brain.  As the anxiety increases, it’s like a light is flashing in the brain with the words “THREAT, THREAT, THREAT!  The brain responds as it would in “real” danger (such as it would if suddenly a car hurtled towards you).  The car is an identifiable fear and threat.  Anxiety is a perceived, unclear threat, but to the brain, a threat nonetheless.  Our physiology changes as adrenaline is released, heart rate increases, blood pressure goes up, respiration increases, and muscles tighten.  The body goes into “fight or flight” mode.

I have found this book to be striking in its wisdom and insight as well as beautifully spiritual. I would encourage anyone to get their hands on it and start letting it sink in.