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For 20 years, Resonate Relationship Clinic has provided excellence in relational wellness, personal development and

mental health care in Greater Kansas City. In addition to being highly skilled experts in evidence-based therapies, our providers are empathetic and non-judgmental people who will provide a secure place for you or your loved ones to figure things out and heal from life's hurts. 

See the panels below to explore the services we provide. 

Sometimes You Just Need a Quiet, Accepting Place Where You Can Figure Out What You are Feeling and Hear Yourself Think. We Provide One-on-One Support for a Wide Variety of Presenting Problems. 


We Provide Evidence-Based Premarital Preparation and Marital Counseling for Common and Severe Problems Including Stuck Conflict Patterns, Infidelity, Addictions, Co-Parenting and Grief/Loss. 


Sometimes Everyone in the Family Needs Understanding and Healing. Our Approach to Family Systems Provides Help and Support for Each Member. 


Children Especially Need to Have a Voice When They Hurt. Our Experienced Play Therapists are Experts at Listening to What They Might Not be Able to Say Out Loud. 


Certain Wounds Go Deep and Stay for a Long Time. Their Impact May not Even be Realized for Years. Find Help for Life's Deepest Hurts Through Specially Designed Treatments That Promote Healing and Bring Back Vitality.  


We Provide Individual and Group Outpatient Treatment for Eating Disorders of All Types Through Our Partnership with Thalia House Inc. Our Therapists Provide the Expert Care and Compassion that Can Lead to Effective Recovery. 


Neurofeedback is a Type of Biofeedback that Measures Brain Waves to Produce a Signal that can be Used as Feedback to Teach Self-Regulation of Brain Function. It is Especially Helpful for patients with ADHD and Anxiety. Resonate Neurotherapists Work with Both Older and Younger Patients to Promote Symptom Relief.  


This Process is Designed to Help You Deepen Your Experience of God's Love Through Hospitality, Presence and Dialogue. It is Not Exclusive to Any One Spiritual Tradition or Religious Background. This Process is also Helpful for Individuals Who May Need to Heal from Spiritual Wounds They Have Sustained. 


The R.O.W. Team at Resonate Knows What Makes the People in Your Organization Thrive and Tick. We Accomplish This Through Assessment and Coaching Modalities That Improve the Culture, Energy, Security and Productivity of Your People. See the R.O.W. Page for More Details.